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Global Tracker

Transport Logistics Solutions

Global tracker is a software solution developed for giving the technology edge to Transport ,courier and logistic company. Global tracker is very modular and the required modules for any organization depend on the organizational business policy. Global tracker has both the flexibility and power to suite every courier and logistic organization. Depending on the need and feasibility an organization may choose different module customize it. Different modules can be added on future depending on the changes in organizational behavior and policy.
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  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Alert System
  • Query Wizard
  • Report Export to Popular Software (e.g Excel,Word, PDF)
  • One touch Report
  • Email Supports
  • External Business Intelligence Software
  • Connectivity to Most Software using ODBC-Direct

Salient Features

  • Consignment Entry.
  • Manifest Entry.
  • Vehicle Hire Slip Entry.
  • POD Entry.
  • Billing.
  • Consignment Slip Accounts.
  • Consignment Wise Costing.
  • Consignment /Bill Wise Service Tax.
  • Manifest Wise Costing.
  • Sub ledger Billing.
  • Third Party Billing.
  • Service TAX Reports.
  • kg / Pcs. /Till-wt/Flat/Slab/Hybrid and other Rate Master.
  • All Features of Tally on Tally Integration.
  • Financial Reports.
  • Customized reporting

Vehicle /Fleet /Mobile Asset Management

Fleet Management software provides monitoring and vehicle tracking system for companies wanting to reduce costs related to the use of their vehicles. VMS suite of cloud- and mobile-based vehicle management solutions helps fleets across multiple industries automate fleet operations, manage asset life cycles and track drivers.


Track Driver /Driver Score /Rating
Maintenance / Work Shop Management /Vehicle Inspection Record./Parts/Vendors
Fuel Management
Data about asset vehicle utilization, maintenance costs,Cost per Km
Commercial Booking